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Effort: Trying hard not to hate

I really don’t like that I can hold anger in my heart for people. It’s just such a rare feeling for me to actually hate someone and have (if it’s even possible) rational reasons for hating them. They can be qualified and quantified.

I don’t like these people for reasons not limited to: their outlook on life, the things they take for granted, the way they choose to take the negative instead of the positive in places where it truly doesn’t matter (ON THE INTERNET), and so on.

I really hate these people, not so much that I would wish death upon them, but that I feel they don’t deserve to be happy, or something. And I feel terrible about myself when I realize it, or after long-winded confrontations when I look back on the position I’ve sided with.

So far, though, it’s 98% over the internet that I meet these people, so perhaps it’s the statistics of meeting more people in a public forum play a part.