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Is it blogersation, or bloggersation?

So I was walking out of the house to go to McDonalds, and I felt like I wanted to listen to Mute Math again, and I had Plan B stuck in my head. Mend it all, etc.

But I got in the car, and Crystal Method’s Vegas was already playing. So I dismissed it. BUT, as I was pulling out of McDonalds, High Roller came on, and I was hit by a HUGE wave of nostalgia. The beat laid down by this track, mixed with the faux-space-transmission cuts just really resonated with me when I first heard it… I think I was still at RPI at the time, so I had this on loop for a few days straight on my computer, and then of course as I walked to classes I had it on whatever mp3 walkman I used at the time. Those days are completely and utterly gone, but I’ll still be walking down the street, and be reminded somehow of this song, even when I’m 40.

The best part is, dozens if not hundreds of songs can trigger such a strong memory in my mind. If I ever could focus enough to diary all the songs that do this, and make a mix CD of them, I think the CD would grow a brain and take over a Starbucks or something. No joke.