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My day at (yes,) NASA

Thanks to NASA Dryden Flight Research for having me tag along all day. I had a great time. That said, here’s what I did.

7am arrive at my car’s parking place
7:10 picked up by Jeanette
7:30 arrive at dryden, get visitor’s badge
7:45 shown around the general simulations (sims) area, meet (someone) — does graphics
7:55 shown the f-15(?) simulator cockpit
8:00 in a meeting with a set of vendors for a PCM simulator card — lots of stuff over my head.
9:20 shown around the f18 simulator, C17 lab/Simulator, HIU unit (viewing 1), windows out to the hangars.
10:00 shown around by Ken, shown the f-18 sim, fly the f18 sim, HIU unit (viewing 2), sit in office talking about products and gov’t work
11:00 lunch w/ jeanette in cafeteria
11:30 main building tour, main hanger deck tours. shown different planes (f18s, C-17s, Gulf Streams, Ihbara UAVs, etc)
11:45 shown mission control (!!!), meet (chris) from controls, talk about how awesome NASA is, watch a SOFIA simulation
12:30 meet (tom), climb into a real f18 cockpit (battery was dead, guy had to handcrank it open)
1:00 meet with (manny), talk about the hardware from the 80s, and HIU (viewing 3) stuff.
2:00 go to presentation by (Al) on the b-2 L(ow)O(bservable) ratings and high-altitude cruising (mostly still classified)
3:45 drive back to my car’s parking place

Now nap.

Edit: My face is sunburned.