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Chrismas Eve Sleuthing: Searching for Sherlock

I did all of my Christmas shopping in 6 hours. All the while, I tried to find a DVD copy of the new Sherlock series, which aired on BBC this year. I was really happy that a release made it to the states by Christmastime. Since my parents went to England almost exclusively to see 221B Baker Street (or to visit distant family on their farm in Iron Acton, whatever), they were hooked the minute I mentioned it. I wasn’t surprised to see it on a Christmas list email, so I figured I’d pick up a copy while winding through other stores.


I went to Barnes & Noble first; the system said they had one, but the staff and I couldn’t locate it. I then checked B&N online, all of the Austin stores had sold out. I also checked out Borders online. Completely sold out.

I took a chair at B&N and did some smartphone searching: Target.com had it, but online only. BestBuy.com had it, ship to store. Walmart.com had it, ship to store. FYE.com, online only. Many swings, many misses. I was breaking all the rules of baseball (or shopping?).

Tried to limited-scope crowdsource the problem (via chats on gtalk). jpnance suggested Fry’s – a quick online search said “item available” so off I went. Searched with the staff until they closed, no luck. One even suggested that someone probably had it in their basket right now; off to a happy home (I hope).

nbacarisse suggested a local shop called Waterloo Records. I got a hold of them on the phone, but no good news.

lukezim suggested another local shop called Encore movies and music. I got a hold of them on the phone too, but no good news. They hadn’t even gotten their first shipment in, but at least it was on order.

By then stores had started to close (being Christmas Eve and all), so I ended up ordering it online and springing for two-day shipping. At the very least, I will be able to hand Sherlock: Season One to its recipient sometime in December.