Liveblogging the DIY Video Blogger’s Conference

This is what everyone around me is doing right now. They’re blogging. Except, they’re blogging on macs (Lazy!), and they’re using VIDEO CAMERAS to do it.

This conference is all about that stuff. Video blogs. I missed a lot of the good stuff, since it was on Friday and I didn’t take off of work. Friday night I had discovered a flat tire, so I had to show up at 11 and miss a really interesting panel, though I caught the last 30 minutes. But Lawrence “Larry” Lessig wasn’t going to make it, so I felt things could have been worse.

Maybe this will be a video blog in the future, that will be up to Woot having a cheap webcam for me to buy. (Webcam isn’t in the Firefox spellcheck dictionary.)

Anyway, I have two business ideas that came from one of these panels, and then I’m meeting up with some folks in Long Beach and we’re going to get trashed and go to an arcade.

Maybe I can get a n93 like this guy (

LINK DUMP FOLLOWS << a really nice person, I hope she’s doing well << fantastic

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