State of the Apartment: One year later

No posts in a year is unacceptable. Most of my quick wit is out on Twitter. I really love the short form of 140 characters, dropping punctuation to denote subtle sarcasm or the popular all-caps for DRAMATIC EMPHASIS.

Tonight, though, a lot of life is going on around me, and I feel at once a part of it and yet wholly separated. An old college friend is in the hospital, dealing with the aftermath of a brain aneurysm. My boss tweets a video to a million people of a recent accomplishment: a rocket that comes back. An independent writer in the gaming industry decides she’s had enough of your (our?) bullshit. Meanwhile, I’ve worked through dinner again, unwinding to cartoons and reading about a computer virus that somehow burns your neurons. Am I missing out on something, or are we all just doing exactly the right things? I like to think that, if you made it so far as to have a Twitter presence, or a television and some Blu-Rays, then that’s not too shabby at all. It takes enormous willpower to change, and if something starts going to shit, we individual humans will definitely change… just as long as Earth keeps us around. I’m changing little bits, here and there. I’m doing a horrible job of it, but I’ve seen some progress. Let’s just make sure that no matter what happens, we keep moving forward.

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