The Internet can become very confusing very quickly

I recently had a very rapid and diffuse exchange of ideas and information, causing confusion among strangers (strangers to me, anyway). Below is an attempt at clarity (with no guarantees).

I follow a bunch of game devs on Twitter partially because I like video games, partially because I want to program for video games, mostly because game devs are awesome people. Through Dave Jaffe‘s tweets, I found Adam Orth and Derek Daniels. I also follow sci-fi writers, including for the purposes of this blog William Gibson. He’s retweeted @GammaCounter many times, so I also started following him directly (much to my amusement).

Since this post is all about clarity, I’ve translated Twitter into IRC.

#Twitter/derek_omni> Obligatory double rainbow photo
#Twitter/kenners> derek_omni: dude your photo has a ghost car in it.
#Twitter/kenners> So awesome
#Twitter/derek_omni> haha, I didn’t notice until you posted that!
#Twitter/derek_omni> LOL
#Twitter/derek_omni> so awesome
(((days later)))
#Twitter/GammaCounter> Just realized:
#Twitter/GammaCounter> RIP, the accidental “double exposures” of film cameras, with their occasional hilarity…
#Twitter/GammaCounter> another casualty of progress…
#Twitter/kenners> GammaCounter: still exists on cellphone cameras – adam_orth had a ghost car photo last week!
#Twitter/GammaCounter> adam_orth kenners: That’s amazing, I wonder how it works…
#Twitter/GammaCounter> latent image persistence?
#Twitter/kenners> found!
#Twitter/kenners> “derek_omni> Obligatory double rainbow photo
#Twitter/kenners> my guess: image compression happens in parallel with CCD data transfers, saving memory but possibly splintering the frame?
#Twitter/kenners> adam_orth: huge apologies, I’ve mistaken you for derek_omni
#Twitter/kenners> I blame my cold
!GammaCounter!*@* OPERWALL – Corrected on digital double exposure! Paranormal minivan & majik rainbows: thanks to kenners, derek_omni
#Twitter/GammaCounter> Thanks… btw, ever see that crazy “Cubism” artifact, on video transmissions when it gets all bodged up?
#Twitter/kenners> GammaCounter: no but googling cubist artifacts have led to wiki pages on “glitch art” and “circuit bending” …
#Twitter/kenners> sleeping on it
(((hours later)))
#Twitter/adam_orth> kenners derek_omni GammaCounter: I’m so confused…
#Twitter/GammaCounter> adam_orth: Sorry.. it’s about how even digital cameras can make “double exposures” sort of…

Better, right?

Here’s the Twitter equivalent:!/derek_omni/status/17729190367334400!/kenners/status/17730523560411137!/derek_omni/status/17734439027089408!/GammaCounter/status/19967078010191872!/kenners/status/19968278352891904!/GammaCounter/status/19969293672251392!/kenners/status/19972201088290816!/kenners/status/19972913134309376!/kenners/status/19975265266434048!/GammaCounter/status/19975344551362560!/GammaCounter/status/19975823708655616!/GammaCounter/status/19976213103648768!/kenners/status/19978514929287168!/adam_orth/status/20002512698347520!/GammaCounter/status/20003511588618240

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