The Henry Clay People

The Henry Clay PeopleI’ve never really liked punk rock all that much (well, save for Me First and the Gimme Gimmes) and I have a hard time classifying The Henry Clay People as much else. At this point, I’ve listened through For Cheap or for Free and didn’t care; then I listened through some weird live album and continued not to care.

To their credit, they seem to have a slightly more versatile sound than standard old punk rock — “This Ain’t a Scene” sounds downright Tom Petty-esque. As much as I admire a willingness to deviate, though, it almost certainly won’t be enough to attract my eyeballs in person. I guess if I’m particularly annoyed with the alternative acts at that point, I’ll head over.

THE VERDICT: Highly doubtful.


  1. litlfrogy says:

    At the VERY least you could have used a current photo. Two of the members changed almost a year ago. Bash all you want but get it right, okay?

  2. jpnance says:

    I certainly won’t pretend that I did exhaustive research on the band lineup and its correspondence to the picture I chose. I pretty much went to Google Images, typed in “the henry clay people”, and picked one out that seemed good. If you could point me to a more accurate one, I’d be more than happy to replace it within the post.

    I promise I wasn’t trying to slight the group by using an outdated picture.