Medeski Martin & Wood

Medeski Martin & WoodNormally, any act even loosely associated with “free jazz” would earn automatic disapproval from my brain. Radiolarians II is an exception, though. It certainly helps that it’s not that unmetered, disconnected schlock “loved” by people who make $140,000 a year or more. That’s not fair, though.

Medeski Martin & Wood (who, curiously, lack commas) write some genuinely interesting tunes. Lots of build-up and resolution and you just sort of get the idea that the guys actually know what they’re doing with this music stuff. In the interest of full disclosure, I remember liking the aforementioned record a lot more during the first listen than during the second but, regardless, I think they’ve warranted a stop-by.

THE VERDICT: If they start playing in 13/6, I’m leaving. I don’t think they will, though.

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