Walter "Wolfman" Washington

Walter \"Wolfman\" WashingtonIt’s strange how vividly I’m able to predict how some of these acts will fit into my schedule. With a very high degree of certainty, I can say that Walter “Wolfman” Washington will garner at least a few songs worth of my attention at the WaMu tent on Friday afternoon. I mean, I say this not taking into consideration the other Friday acts and, of course, having no idea what the actual schedule will be, but I’ve been through this song and dance before. Funky blues will get a hold of my ears and not let go.

It’s not even that Wolf Tracks is that interesting to me (it’s fine but I wish it was more upbeat). I can just clearly imagine the set being engaging, having huge solos and audience interaction, and just generally being a fun time. It certainly doesn’t hurt that twelve-bar blues is one of my favorite sounds. I guess my high school obsession with Tower of Power is still latent in some capacity.

THE VERDICT: Pretty much automatically.

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