K\'naanI once lost a spelling bee on the word “Canaan”; I’ll do my best not to let that affect my judgment here.

I’m hoping for two things from K’naan: a) that he has his set in the WaMu tent; b) that he sticks to the first half of Troubadour. “ABCs” and “Dreamer” are both capable of bringing The Tent down but “Fatima” and “Fire in Freetown” are sort of laborious, Somalia notwithstanding. Everybody already understands that life sucks in Africa and “15 Minutes Away” is a better ballad anyway.

I guess I do have one more wish. The Kirk Hammett collaboration “If Rap Gets Jealous” works better than I thought it would, although the (requisite) guitar solo is as campy as you would imagine. I do, however, hope Hammett actually makes an appearance and then plays some hip-hop version of “The Memory Remains”. “Fuel” would be fine, too.

THE VERDICT: Yeah, but let’s keep the political interludes to a minimum.

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