Purchases at Fry's 7/27/2007

On the heels of our Definitions segment, I’m instituting another segment entitled Purchases at <>. This segment will detail all major and/or impressive purchases at famous stores across the nation.

For this installment of Purchases at <>, I went to Frys, and boy did I find success! A new HDD, and a copy of Katamari Damacy for the PS2.
I purchased a Seagate 320gb external HDD. It has a USB 2.0 connection, as well as an eSATA connection. This allows for a 3.0gb/s connection directly to my SATA controller. How rad! When I am using it with my desktop, it will act just like any other internal connected-HDD. When I am taking it on the road, it will have a USB connection that will work with most other platforms!

Also, Katamari. Patrick picked it up and was like HEY, you should buy this. AND I DID. The funny story associated with this purchase is, since my road trip home, I’ve had the Katamari Damacy soundtrack in my car! So we listened to it on the way home, and it was comical.

This has been an installment of Purchases at <>. Next week: eBay?

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