The Dead Weather

The Dead WeatherTo set the record straight, I don’t particularly like the Raconteurs. Broken Boy Soldiers is boring and, even though Consolers of the Lonely is much better, I just expected more as a big Brendan Benson/White Stripes fan. I was even surprised at how unenthralled I was at the Raconteurs set at last year’s ACL. Add to that the last-minute cancelation of the White Stripes show in 2007 and, well:

The Dead Weather had better get this right.

Horehound is a gem and it actually gives Jack White a side-project chance to shine on stage as opposed to the ho-hum Raconteurs who can’t decide who to feature. I’m not so deluded to pretend that I don’t really just want the White Stripes (and, let’s be honest, the Dead Weather aren’t all that far from it) but I’m still looking forward to this show.

THE VERDICT: Jack White owes me.

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