Vince Mira

Vince MiraThis kid (17 years old) has pretty much nailed the Johnny Cash sound. It only takes a couple of songs to realize that Vince Mira has real talent. There’s a catch, though: it’s so unbelievably clear that he’s trying to emulate Cash that you really just want to hear cover songs. It’s not exactly the same as Paul McCartney playing his solo stuff instead of Beatles tracks but it’s the same sort of idea. Some sounds are simply inseparable from their originators.

At the least, it seems that he’ll be able to do those covers. Mira’s Cash Cabin Sessions EP was actually produced by John Carter Cash (Johnny’s son) — which is noted in very prominent wording on the cover — so I guess the family is cool with him. For me, the EP has the same problem as Johnny’s studio catalogue does: it just works better as a live performance.

Good thing this is live set!

THE VERDICT: Please play “Wreck of the Old 97”. Please.

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