Sound Tribe Sector 9

Sound Tribe Sector 9I guess I just don’t like trip-hop. Artifact is a perfectly accessible and listenable piece of work and I was surprised at how much I didn’t hate it. Unfortunately, that only puts Sound Tribe Sector 9 somewhere between “boring” and “okay background music”. Let’s be honest, here: this is stoner jam music. I don’t care for that type of crowd at ACL and I’ll be happy not to come into contact with them.

To that end, I wonder to what extent I’d be excited about seeing, say, Pink Floyd — in their prime, let’s say — when I know that a ton of their audience are only there because “this band’s a trip, dude”. Maybe I’m too judgmental here and just need to cool out to the groove. Then again, maybe people need to grow up and stop catering to this demographic.


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