The Dodos

The DodosI was able to catch most of The Dodos‘ set at the Capitol Hill Block Party last year and, truthfully, I wasn’t sure what to make of it. These guys had a pretty unique sound enhanced by the intimate setting at Neumo’s. At one point, I thought I was dreaming the whole show up and, really, “dream folk” is probably one of the better descriptions of their music.

Although I walked away satisfied and impressed with what I’d heard, I was still surprised when I started seeing them mentioned around the hip indie circles. I mean, Visiter is fun to listen to for a while but seems to drag on and on. Having said that, it’s entirely possible that they just work a bit better as a live act. I’ll admit that I’m skeptical that they’ll be as interesting at an outdoor festival as they were at an indoor venue. That won’t keep me from checking them out again, though.

THE VERDICT: A necessary revisit.

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