ToadiesIf the reader will allow me to use the phrase “post-Soundgarden”, I think that’s probably the best way to describe Toadies at this point. Of course, they’ve always had that grunge sound but now Todd Lewis actually kind of sings like Chris Cornell. They use some funny time signatures, too. Really, the main thing distancing these guys from early ’90s Seattle is how unexperimental they are, an artistic reflection of how society doesn’t care about progress anymore, no doubt.

I’ll just say it: No Deliverance is listenable but pointless. I see the live set being long-winded and overdone, kind of like Queens of the Stone Age a couple of years ago. Admittedly, I’m also worried that when they bust into “Possum Kingdom”, I’ll be vividly reminded of high school. Nobody wants that.

THE VERDICT: Nah, there are better uses of my Sunday time. Wait, are there?

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