Jonell Mosser

UPDATE (May 21): A small conversation has sprung up about this post. I’ll leave it unchanged but the information in the comments may be of use.

Jonell MosserI can’t figure out how much of this is a joke. Jonell Mosser‘s website is a disaster and I can only find one-and-a-half tracks anywhere at all. Her MySpace page has no songs on it. Who does that?

Anyway, if I had to guess, she’s a singin’ and songwritin’ gal just tryin’ to make it in this world. I suppose the full track I heard (“Good Thing“) was kind of cute and maybe even a little catchy but, come on, I couldn’t care less about seeing her set. I’m not much for country-folk-rock-whatever in the first place and that video, which shows her drummer using a padded chair instead of a trap set, just oozes with contrived minimalism as if they were trying to get “back to basics”.

That pisses me off.



  1. mac222nite says:

    Hi JP!
    I would like to address your comments, with regard to Jonell Mosser.
    I am the person who does Jonell’s websites. If they’re not good, please
    blame me and not her! We have only recently aquired
    and we are still in the process of updating both that site and the site which is the one you mentioned. Hopefully, you will see improvement.

    The myspace page has no songs on it due to an ongoing problem, with
    regard to myspace policy on posting protected material. Before her
    new record deal, we were able to post at will. Now there is a great deal
    of paperwork to post her own material. It is being addressed and in the
    meantime if you click playlist, you can hear her new record.

    The drummer in the video, that you saw, is Craig Krampf. You might
    remember him. He wrote the song Betty Davis Eyes, for Kim Carnes. He
    also played on Eye of the Tiger (Rocky movies) and many, many, other
    recordings. If you google him, you can see some of what he has done.
    As far as Jonell, now keep in mind I’m a fan, I think she’s a little more than
    what you described. If you read her bio on either website, you can see
    the amount and diversity of what she has accomplished in her career so
    far. She has done studio work and been produced by Don Was (Rolling
    Stones & Bonnie Raitt producer), She was also in a band with Don Was
    and Ringo Starr (The New Maroons). She has been on several movie
    soundtracks (Boys on the Side, Hope Floats). She’s not just what you
    saw in an off the cuff video, She is much more. It wasn’t contrived, I promise
    you. There wasn’t enough room for a full band, so they improvised with
    what they had. In these days of people doing things just for effect, I can
    understand how you might think that. But I assure you that is not the case.

    I hope you will reconsider and hear Jonell. Those of us who have followed
    her career know her as one of the most honest voices around. Not everyone
    can like every singer and she may not be your cup of tea. But, I just wanted you to know that there’s more to her than what you have seen
    so far.

    If you have suggestions, I will be happy to listen. You can email me from and I will respond.

    All the Best

  2. mac222nite says:

    Oh, I almost forgot! The new record is called “Trust Yourself”. The record
    label is Better Angels/Federal. It is available on ITunes, MySpace music,
    Amazon and all the normal outlets for download. She has several other records including – Enough Rope, So Like Joy, Time Will Do The Talking.
    There is also the Hope Floats soundtrack and Boys On The Side Soundtrack.
    She did a record of Townes Van Zandt songs called “Around Townes”. She is also featured on a tribute record to Townes Van Zandt. Just in case anyone is looking. It sounded like you might not realize she had records out. I promise I’m not being a smarta**, I just thought you might not know.

  3. jpnance says:

    First of all: Thanks for the comments.

    Second of all: Wait, somebody is actually reading this stuff?

    The website: Speaking as a software developer and web designer (which I am), I can’t help but notice the minutiae surrounding an artist’s website. In general, I think an incredible number of music industry websites are awful experiences. Way too often, a Flash application consumes the site for the sake of having pretty mouse-overs and neat page transitions, almost completely sacrificing usability and the chance for syndication. I don’t think there’s any one magic tip I can give you here (although I’d be happy to give you more web thoughts in an email) but, believe it or not, two of the most tasteful band websites I’ve seen were encountered doing this ACL prep guide. Check out Nelo for an unobtrusive Flash-based site and Passion Pit for a well laid-out HTML-based site.

    The MySpace page: I certainly won’t claim (and I think I’ve just proven) that I have no clue what MySpace does and doesn’t allow to be posted and I, obviously, don’t know the details of Jonell’s record deal. I’ve never even realized that the “playlists” link could take me to music that wasn’t already in that front player. Good to know; my mistake. Either way, although I’m sure it’s not news to you, Jonell, or her management, that MySpace page is pretty darn valuable and simply must be populated with at least a tune or two.

    The video: Fair enough. It sounds like I misunderstood the context of the clip.

    Jonell: It doesn’t sound like I’ve been too misconstrued but, let’s just be clear — Jonell seems to be enjoying an accomplished music career and, especially considering that I’m just a cynical guy getting his ACL interests in order, I’m not trying to marginalize that. I “don’t care” whether or not I see her set in the same way that I “don’t care” whether or not the Topeka City Council makes room in the budget for optimizing their stoplight system. As you say, there’s obviously more to her than what I’ve seen and I hope I’m not giving the impression that these blurbs are exhaustively researched or even particularly useful to anybody besides me. I’m simply trying to estimate what I see myself checking out at the festival.

    I’ll tell you what, though. If the timetables end up being reasonable, I’ll see if I can’t drop by for a song or two.

    Again, thanks for taking the time to try to set me straight.

  4. mac222nite says:

    Hi JP!
    It’s all good! It’s very important to us what you think! I appreciate the
    thoughts on the website also! We definitely have kinks! I agree the
    Flash stuff can be pretty consumptive! I’ll check out the sites you
    suggested! I’ll be running sound for Jonell at the ACL festival. If you
    get a chance to email me, I would love to send you a CD! Thanks for
    the chance to talk to you and for your fairness and for giving Jonell a
    chance. All The Best and hope to see you and hear from you!