The Raveonettes

The RaveonettesI actually have some past experience with The Raveonettes — one of my anonymous coworkers has both Chain Gang of Love and Pretty in Black on his iTunes share. I remember being unsure of which one I preferred: the former is catchier and more upbeat (“That Great Love Song”, “Let’s Rave On”) but the latter shows more polish and basically acts as a send-up of the 1950s (“The Heavens”, “My Boyfriend’s Back”). Oh, and then there’s Lust Lust Lust which is a sort of shoegazing type thing.

These kids are weird and, although I can’t say any of their records melted my cares away, I think they could put on one heck of a live show. Naturally, I’d like for them to stick mostly to the garage rock stuff but, you know, it’s all good. I wouldn’t even mind if they decided to have their entire set list be played at 140 beats per minute. They seem to dig gimmicks like that.

THE VERDICT: See you there.

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