Five-Word Record Reviews

Here at the What The Balls Headquarters in Deming, New Mexico, “content” is our middle-name. From now on, we’ll be working to provide more of it for our valued customers.

I had this sweet idea of posting a daily “five-word record review.” This serves several purposes:

  1. I get to trivialize an art form. This is what we strive for as human beings.
  2. I get to expand my musical experience.
  3. Content! Content! Content!

For the most part, the reviews will be from albums I’d never heard before or, at least, never properly evaluated. Each album will be rated on a 1-star to 5-star X-Play-style scale. I’ll do my best to keep articles, conjunctions, and prepositions at a minimum so as to maximize noun/verb percentage.

Do enjoy.

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