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The Internet can become very confusing very quickly

I recently had a very rapid and diffuse exchange of ideas and information, causing confusion among strangers (strangers to me, anyway). Below is an attempt at clarity (with no guarantees).

I follow a bunch of game devs on Twitter partially because I like video games, partially because I want to program for video games, mostly because game devs are awesome people. Through Dave Jaffe‘s tweets, I found Adam Orth and Derek Daniels. I also follow sci-fi writers, including for the purposes of this blog William Gibson. He’s retweeted @GammaCounter many times, so I also started following him directly (much to my amusement).

Since this post is all about clarity, I’ve translated Twitter into IRC.

#Twitter/derek_omni> Obligatory double rainbow photo
#Twitter/kenners> derek_omni: dude your photo has a ghost car in it.
#Twitter/kenners> So awesome
#Twitter/derek_omni> haha, I didn’t notice until you posted that!
#Twitter/derek_omni> LOL
#Twitter/derek_omni> so awesome
(((days later)))
#Twitter/GammaCounter> Just realized:
#Twitter/GammaCounter> RIP, the accidental “double exposures” of film cameras, with their occasional hilarity…
#Twitter/GammaCounter> another casualty of progress…
#Twitter/kenners> GammaCounter: still exists on cellphone cameras – adam_orth had a ghost car photo last week!
#Twitter/GammaCounter> adam_orth kenners: That’s amazing, I wonder how it works…
#Twitter/GammaCounter> latent image persistence?
#Twitter/kenners> found!
#Twitter/kenners> “derek_omni> Obligatory double rainbow photo
#Twitter/kenners> my guess: image compression happens in parallel with CCD data transfers, saving memory but possibly splintering the frame?
#Twitter/kenners> adam_orth: huge apologies, I’ve mistaken you for derek_omni
#Twitter/kenners> I blame my cold
!GammaCounter!*@* OPERWALL – Corrected on digital double exposure! Paranormal minivan & majik rainbows: thanks to kenners, derek_omni
#Twitter/GammaCounter> Thanks… btw, ever see that crazy “Cubism” artifact, on video transmissions when it gets all bodged up?
#Twitter/kenners> GammaCounter: no but googling cubist artifacts have led to wiki pages on “glitch art” and “circuit bending” …
#Twitter/kenners> sleeping on it
(((hours later)))
#Twitter/adam_orth> kenners derek_omni GammaCounter: I’m so confused…
#Twitter/GammaCounter> adam_orth: Sorry.. it’s about how even digital cameras can make “double exposures” sort of…

Better, right?

Here’s the Twitter equivalent:!/derek_omni/status/17729190367334400!/kenners/status/17730523560411137!/derek_omni/status/17734439027089408!/GammaCounter/status/19967078010191872!/kenners/status/19968278352891904!/GammaCounter/status/19969293672251392!/kenners/status/19972201088290816!/kenners/status/19972913134309376!/kenners/status/19975265266434048!/GammaCounter/status/19975344551362560!/GammaCounter/status/19975823708655616!/GammaCounter/status/19976213103648768!/kenners/status/19978514929287168!/adam_orth/status/20002512698347520!/GammaCounter/status/20003511588618240

Update from Azeroth

I’d like to say I planned this perfectly, except that the original concept was deeply flawed.

It seemed simple enough: Play endgame World of Warcraft with a group of friends. Get a character to level 80, and then I could participate in all of the things they did on a weekly basis, like I did with Team Fortress 2. I’d never played endgame content before, and for some reason the concept was strongly compelling.

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I might be a bad person, but at least I have chocolate.

At this precise moment, I am installing the dreaded World of Warcraft massively-multiplayer online game.

For about two years, I’ve had the absolute pleasure of playing a videogame called Team Fortress 2, purely online, with a bunch of misfits and crazies, boys and girls ranging from 15 to 40, from all over North America (and even some overseas!) . We are called the Bar Room Heroes, but conversation in The Bar Room can be filled with such “hateful” debauchery that we often call ourselves The Butt-Raping Homos. Now Grandma, chill the F out. This is an organization based entirely on the Internet, where insults are hurled by the truckload. We call each other fags and retards, insult a wide variety of mothers (your mom’s WIDE, see what I mean?), and say things like ‘butthurt’ and ‘dickbutt’ and ‘butts’ ad nauseum. The point is, it’s not serious. At least, not coming from me.

The biggest draws to this community, aside from butt-related epithets, are the voice chat features, and the community drinking game. Voice chat comes standard with TF2, but we enable both teams to talk to each other, while alive or waiting to respawn. This is not configured by default, since it allows people to comment on the game while dead (and thus able to look at the goings-on of other players), and significantly hinders team-based PRIVATE communications. The community drinking game is for the alcoholic in you (in all of us, really), so that if you are killed while playing the drinking game, you must drink your beer. There are variants, but it’s a safe way to spend a Friday or Saturday night with 50 people. Don’t knock it ’till you try it!

So, returning to the point: When these fine gentlementlemen and ladyfaces decided to start playing this OTHER online game, with RAIDS, I felt like it could be a good time. Having played WoW for a summer already back in college, I hardly scratched the surface of the game. Now, with a pretty ambitious goal staring me in the face, it seems like I might try again for another few months. Why not; I’m an adult, right? Right?


In preparation, I’ve read a few wiki pages on building a proper mage character, and I’ve downloaded a few Addon packs to help me catch up. After all, the folks have a few years on me. I might post from time to time regarding my adventures, or when I have to wait for patches to download.

If I stop posting for too long, though, I am hoping that someone has enough presence of mind to confirm that I’m still alive.